Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional Kitchens

Everyone can appreciate the elegance of a beautifully presented Traditional kitchen with it’s timeless features that can sit comfortably in any type of home, whether large or small, old or new the Traditional kitchen will evoke the sense of luxury.
A Traditional kitchen is a warm and cosy style kitchen that invites everyone in to cook, eat, talk and relax.

These kitchens emphasise their styles by featuring elaborate wood trim and moulding, using timeless colour finishes such as wood, cream or white and displaying functional accessories such as crockery, vegetable baskets and wine racks. The use of shelving and rails holding shinny copper pans above the range cooker add to the Traditional style, archways and antique style furnishings all add to the greatness of the Traditional kitchen.

Today Traditional kitchens styles are fitted with all the modern day accessories such as soft close hinges and blum metabox drawer systems that are also soft close to ensure you receive the best of both worlds. Carefully designed the Traditional kitchen will give your home a new lease of life and evoke a feeling of comfort and homeliness. Christmas dinners will be magical and so will any family event that will require a beautiful meal in a wonderful place.  There are so many options available to you when creating your own Traditional kitchen. With the exception of the luxurious Natural Oak range, we offer a range of Traditional kitchen whereby the kitchen is hand painted, making every door a work of art.

The options are only limited by your imagination and the result is a kitchen that is personal to you. You can of course be comfortable with a kitchen in one colour or perhaps break with tradition and combine two colours to create a truly remarkable combination. The Traditional kitchen is a very popular style of kitchen, with the right design it can add elegance to a modern style home, add uniqueness to an old style home, add warmth and comfort to a cottage style home and add the spacious feel to a small dwelling.

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