Shaker Kitchen Design

Shaker Kitchens

The shaker kitchen is where the Modern kitchen and Traditional kitchen meet in the middle and produce an elegance that ticks all the boxes.

The beauty of a shaker style kitchen is in its simplicity. The characteristic features of this style of door are a square framed design with an inset flat centre panel. The versatility of the Shaker design means that you can keep a traditional feel incorporating our beautiful wood grain styles, keep a classic feel with a beautiful matt finish in a choice of 22 paint colours or go modern with our handle less shakers….we even offer an option in shinny gloss.

The Shaker kitchen is elegantly designed making them a beautiful range of kitchen creating that timeless feel and making your home complete

Having a shaker kitchen brings a new feeling to the entire home, the kitchen is no longer a place to just cook and store food, but somewhere much of family life takes place, somewhere to entertain guests and host occasions. The Shaker kitchen will give your home the feeling of familiarity, homeliness, comfort and luxury.

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